Gathered by the grace of God, we engage in authentic ministry for faith formation to grow in our relationship with Christ and each other and go out to serve with love.

In 2023, Gathered by Grace celebrates 7 years in ministry! We are grateful for the ways God has worked through this ministry to serve our community.


Meet Our Leader

Rev. Tiffany C. Chaney


Rev. Tiffany C. Chaney is an ordained minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). In January 2016, she moved back to Montgomery, AL to explore opportunities to develop new ministry with young adults in the greater Montgomery, Alabama area. She is returning to the area from Boston, Massachusetts where she developed a congregation, The Intersection.

Pastor Tiffany's hope is to engage other young adults in authentic ministry that helps us come to know and grow in our relationship with Christ, enlivens us spiritually, meets us where we are in our current season of life, and allows for theological discernment reflective of God's grace for all. She wants to see young adults, empowered by the love of Christ, go out to make a difference in the River Region and beyond.

Pastor Tiffany is currently out in the community meeting new people and hearing the perspectives of young adults. She would love to hear from you! Want to connect? Email:

Gathered by Grace is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). To learn more about what we believe, visit: